Dec 17, 2018 - BY Ashkan Safaee

New in Astrid!

In this article we unveil brand new and recently released Astrid features you can use to grow your team leads.
At Everyday, we're trying to change that. We want to make training fun, rewarding, and accessible to more people in the company, not just a lucky few.
With Astrid, we think a lot about what it means to deliver a differentiated user experience. We know companies are using our product to find new scalable ways to support their most important asset - their leaders.

The challenge arises in giving a personalized and valuable experience to everyone and still maintain scalability. That's why we first launched Astrid in the first place, to provide individualized training solutions to leaders in fast-growing companies.

In the last month, we've released Weekly coaching, a significant step in our product development to offer the best support to the people using Astrid every day. Now you can get on-demand support from a senior coach weekly.

Another key piece in delivering differentiated customer experience is the ability to switch coach through the program. Most of our users tend to stick with their leadership coach for a while, but should the need occur one can quickly change coach in our new product release. All our coaches are certified coaches and cover a variety of fields from leadership, VP-level coaching to mindfulness coaching.
Weekly Coaching

Now you can get access to your coach on a weekly basis with Astrid. When you've finished registration, Astrid will help you set up a weekly coaching call at a time of your convenience.
Coach Messaging
We're also introducing the opportunity to stay in touch, report back or check in with your coach through our messaging feature.

If speed is critical, you can always use this channel to get in touch with your coach.
Multiple Coaches

Get access to a variety of coaches in an instant. You can now choose from different coaches for our Workplace and Enterprise clients
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