Work smarter.
Stop being overwhelmed at work. Let Astrid coach you to stay on top of things and thrive in your job.
What is Astrid?

are unhappy at work

lack skills for their current job

are stressed about their jobs
Let Astrid help.
Astrid is the personal coach in your pocket, available anytime you want.
Daily activities
5 minutes daily training designed to fit your busy workday.
Weekly coaching
30 minutes weekly 1-on-1 video session with a certified coach.
Monthly reviews
Monthly followups to gain insights and calibrate your focus.
What can Astrid do for you?
Here is a selection of challenges that Astrid often helps to solve. Click the challenge you want to know more about and discover how we can help you.
Handle stress
Solve conflicts
Organize meetings
Learn from failure
Manage time
Collaborate effectively
Foster creativity
Boost motivation
Communicate clearly
Make decisions
Communicate visually
Stay focused
Coach employees
Give feedback
Pitch ideas
Get promoted
Set goals
Manage change
Solve problems
Coaching by professionals.
Astrid gives you instant access to certified coaches with over a decade of experience in coaching management teams and executive leaders.
Henrik Linder
PhD Medicine & Certified Coach
Christel Kinning
Senior Board Member & Certified Coach
Samantha Snowden
MA Psychology Columbia & Certified Coach
Better workplaces, happier lives.
Astrid is changing the way people work and enabling lives of meaning, purpose and clarity.
" I love how Astrid reminds me about all the small things that make a difference at work. "

" I really enjoy having access to a personal coach wherever I go. "

" Astrid helps me focus and make the most out of my workday. "

Are you busy or productive?
The quest to be more effective at work has made us busier than ever — but not necessarily more productive.