Our vision
To enable people to live healthier and happier lives — one workplace at a time.
Astrid exists for the sole purpose of empowering people to bring their full selves to work. We envision the workplace as a hub for personal development and collective learning — where each individual gets the opportunity to challenge themselves and develop new strengths in a safe setting surrounded by peers.

We transform daily interactions in the workplace into remarkable growth opportunities by providing tools for people to handle them more constructively. With our product, we empower individuals to be happier and more productive at work, while fueling organizations to be more innovative and agile in order to stay ahead in today's fast-paced world.
Leadership team.
We're entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers with a background in technology and business.
Per Jonsson
Founder & Product Lead
While spending a decade as a founder of various companies in the tech industry, Per experienced the challenges of running a scalable business and how people skills played a key role in making it thrive. Before starting Everyday, he was the co-founder of Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden, Omnicloud and Jumpstarter and advisor and product manager for a number of fast-growing startups.

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Ashkan Safaee
Founder & Training Lead
After having a swift career that involved leading positions in the business world, Ashkan began to see the role of leadership development in evolving businesses and making them grow. He then spent almost a decade training and developing people to perform at their best. Before starting Everyday, he was a senior trainer at Vendator, sales lead at Postnord, co-founder of Unleash Global, and board member of Ung Cancer.

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Gleb Kost
Development Lead
Gleb is a senior developer with full-stack experience from working on software projects of all sizes. He combines an exceptional eye for frontend with a solid understanding for backend to deliver beautiful code and user-friendly experiences based on the latest web technologies. In addition to working for Everyday he is a mentor at Thinkful, supporting the next generation of developers to grow.

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Samantha Snowden
MA Clinical Psychology & Certified Coach
Samantha has a Master's Degree from Columbia University in Clinical Psychology and a Certificate in Mindfulness Facilitation (CMF) at UCLA''s Mindful Awareness Research Center in Los Angeles, California. She specializes in emotional regulation, attention and focus, cultivating positive mental and behavioral habits, healthy relationships and compassionate communication.
Henrik Linder
PhD Medicine & Certified Coach
Over the last 10 years Henrik has had 10 different professions and coached 346 managers for 9 months each, 43 management teams for an average of 14 months and increased financial results of the companies he works with between 30 and 50%. Henrik has a background in the Swedish Navy and a PhD in Medicine from the University of Gothenburg.
Christel Kinning
Senior Board Member & Certified Coach
As a board member of companies such as Stadium, Zoundindustries, Vasakronan, Hemtex and Hope, Christel is well-known for her ability to challenge norms and support businesses to be more innovative and agile. For the past decade, she has been coaching management teams in some of Sweden's leading businesses.
What we believe
We believe that everyone is a leader and that by training people to be more self-aware, empathic, and resilient we can all thrive in today's and tomorrow's workplace.
Work with us.
We partner with industry leaders to transform your workplace into an environment for personal growth and collective learning.