August 9, 2018 — BY NICOLE MICHAELIS

Meet Max, Learning and Talent Specialist at PwC

Conversations on Culture is our interview series on discovering the art and science of great company culture. This week we meet Max, Talent and Development Specialist at PwC Stockholm.
Everyday is teaming up with PwC for a pilot project in Learning and Development.

We spoke with Max, PwC's Talent and Development Specialist in Stockholm, about how PwC treats Learning and Development and how he envisions the future of learning at work.
— Hi Max! How does the Learning and Development department at PwC look like?
We are 9 people in total. Actually, we recently changed the name to Talent and Development because it highlights what we think the department is all about better.

Some of us work towards different business areas specifically and the others work on cross-trainings for the entire organization (such as leadership programs or sales programs). We also have people dedicated to learning technology. One of them is Joakim and he's the reason we got to know Everyday. He knew the founders.
How long have you been at PwC?
I'm pretty new, I started in September last year. Before that I worked at Swedbank as an HR business partner. There I was already focused on internal development programs. My background is mainly in HR. I did a Master's in HR and have worked in HR ever since. It's my calling.
How does PwC approach HR tech?
PwC is really serious about HR tech. It's one of the main reasons I wanted to work here. We really aim to be one of the best when it comes to learning development and we're truly dedicated to testing new ways of working with learning and development. You can feel that we're on the forefront. We're trying to digitize HR within PwC. As part of that responsibility, we like to prototype different technologies and are experimenting a lot to figure out what could work best when it comes to learning.

We have an HR tech lab with the sole purpose of prototyping HR technologies. We have VR and other breaking-edge digital developments there that we play with. We also invite collaborators to develop learning experiences together. It's a very agile approach overall. We spend a lot of resources on finding and developing new technologies to help us reach our objective of digitizing HR.
What are the main drivers of your decision to work with a specific approach to learning?
Stickiness and transferability. If we can find technologies that bring learning closer to real life, make it actionable, make it stick, that's perfect. We really try to get people out of the classroom in order to make training more effective. Going digital is only one way. There are other innovations that can be just as valuable.

Our philosophy is to try to make all learning activities experience based. Within that definition, we have new technology, innovation and interaction. Those three merged together create the full experience.
Where do you see the Corporate Learning Industry heading?
When you look at different trends, one of them is to personalize learning and make it more autonomous. To make it available on-demand, to enable people to execute learnings where and when they need them most. I believe this is where we're heading.

We also try to think a lot about how to marry technology with other things when it comes to training. For example, how to marry the social aspects of learning with tech while maintaining a high learning ROI. We've done some pilots with digital training and when we did that, we found that we really need to integrate social aspects to make the training effective. As humans, we are social beings and we need contacts and context to follow our own progress — a lot of things need to come together to create effective learning.
Photograph: PwC VR lab
— Why did you decide to work with Everyday?
It was love at first at site. When the founders pitched Everyday, it seemed like exactly what we were looking for materialized. Everyday puts together all the pieces we believe and have found to be important: on-demand, digital, innovative, an AI assistant married with great social aspects. So instead of building a training program ourselves, Everyday put the program on a silver plate for us. It felt like a very fortunate happening with great timing.

We're excited to get started with Everyday.
Everyday is the missing link between your company values and the day-to-day behaviors in the workplace. We use evidence-based assessments to adjust training to your needs. You complete bite-sized actions designed to facilitate behavior change. Expert coaches are on standby to support you.

At Everyday, we believe sharing is caring. There's a lot of great people out there who have hands-on experience in creating great leadership and company culture.
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