July 23, 2018 — by Nicole Michaelis


Take control of your learning at work.

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On learning
Take control of your learning at work. We humans have an astonishing ability to learn, but according to HBR, our motivation to do so tends to decrease with age, particularly in the busy years of adulthood. While children are hungry to learn new things, adults are focused on maintaining the knowledge they have. There's no big demand for employees who can demonstrate high levels of learnability, however, in today's fast-paced world this may be the most-valuable requirement yet.
Start learning
On cognitive bias
Our brains' favorite tools. Buster Benson for Better Humans shares his Cognitive Bias Cheatsheet. Cognitive biases are tools, useful in the some contexts, harmful in others. They're the only tools we've got to work with our brain, and they're even pretty good at what they're meant to do. We might as well get familiar with them and even appreciate that we at least have some ability to process the universe with our mysterious brains.
Understand bias
On leadership
Everyone is a leader. We have been developing leaders in the wrong way. Businesses have spent massive budgets trying to create high-performing teams and cultures by selecting and focusing on the few. Today, even business schools acknowledge having failed to develop the right leaders for society. According to Paul Simpson, in order to create strong, stable, and sustainable businesses we can no longer rely on the few. Organizations must create the conditions for everyone to lead.
Be a leader.

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