June 4th, 2018 — by Nicole Michaelis


How do you scale company culture?

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On growth
Why traditions matter - How do you maintain your identity as a business if you grow as quickly as adding 100 new employees within only a few months? Swedish Startup Kry has been through a massive phase of growth and shares insights on culture and what it takes to build sustainable teams in times of drastic change. Read the article (in Swedish) here.
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On scaling culture
Can you scale company culture? 7 Experts share their culture secrets for fast growing companies and what it means to establish and maintain a great corporate culture with WorkWell. "Your last 100 hires are what your true culture is, so make sure that they embrace, understand, and learn the culture, so they can hire the next 100 folks."
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On productivity
Equatex' tries to solve the productivity puzzle in a series of beautifully illustrated articles touching upon important topics such as how dismissing the lone-wolf leader increases productivity, and what role HR plays in helping companies become more agile. "The era of performance and productivity being based on individual job and task, although still applying sparsely today, is based on work in the pre-technological age."
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