October 19, 2018 - BY NICOLE MICHAELIS

Everyday collaborates with Hyper Island Students

Hyper Island Motion Creative students are helping us give life to our on-demand coaching revolution
Giving life to Astrid and Everyday's approach to coaching and learning.
We're stoked to announce our collaboration with Hyper Island's talented Motion Creative students. Two groups of students are currently working on a concept to help us visually communicate our product in a more playful and clear way.

The final product is expected to be delivered in the middle of November. We can't wait to see it and share it with you.
Everyday is future-proofing training
At Everyday, we believe the way employees train has changed. Just as individuals can access whatever skills they want to develop anytime, the future of learning at work is built on on-demand solutions. Goodbye workshops and expensive consultants!

Our new on-demand coaching product is the most significant project we've ever undertaken. With a team working day and night for the last year, we've learned a lot. In close partnership with our wonderfully supportive clients, we have prototyped with AI, on-demand learning, bite-sized, psychology and scalable solutions that effect transfer of learning. And that's how we got here: Astrid's combination of face to face coaching with customisable AI training available on-demand.

Luckily, more and more people are sharing our excitement for this product. The coming weeks, we'll be collaborating with talented students from Hyper Island to make Astrid more fun and even more clear.
Here's what the students say about the project:
This project is exciting for us since its the first project at Hyper Island where we work with a client for a longer period of time, and not only a couple of days. Our process is pretty much hands on - its about understanding the product, interpreting the concepts and values of the company in different ways, coming up with ideas, playing around and, finally, executing.

It goes on and on, we go back and forth between the different stages until we are satisfied and ready to move on to the next one. The benefit of working in a group with people of different backgrounds is that you get lots of perspectives! Team work can be difficult but in this project we've managed to find a good way of working and putting the hyper tools into practice.
At Everyday, we believe in giving everyone the opportunity to grow and positively impact the teams and organizations they work for.
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