October 1st, 2018 - BY Ashkan Safaee

The right kind of disruption

No one gets excited about being interrupted.
We believe that by focusing on the most relevant learning and practice, the bite-sized approach yields high results. More time spent might have diminishing returns.
Whether it's on our phones, at home, or at work, disruption has become a painful fact of life. When Darwin went into his study and finalized his "good day's work" around noon, one can only imagine what would have happened if he had been interrupted all the time that morning.

Personalized, bite-sized, anytime and anywhere.

When we learn, we like to learn in small chunks. Our brain doesn't want to learn all of JavaScript in three days; it prefers to do so in small pieces, put it into practice, and receive the right kind of mentoring when needed. No one learns to play Nocturne right off the bat, you learn to master the basic chords, after that a complex process of putting them all together begins that only ends when you embody the new skill.

Our notion is that the same goes for leadership skills. Sure, transformational change is powerful stuff, but it's hard to achieve. You don't just merely "Theory U" someone in half a day to full day workshops. We believe that by focusing on the most relevant learning and practice, the bite-sized approach yields high results. More time spent might have diminishing returns.

The paradox here is that companies believe disruptive workshops give them the best chance to teach people new skills. But by doing so, they make their workshops less effective.
Giving employees just enough information
We wanted to design a training solution that was flexible in how it could serve employees' needs on their terms. Each module of the training is distributed in bite-sized formats. The employee has time to put them into practice.

This flexibility means that employees can choose to learn when they're ready. They can finish the activity they initially came to the app to do, or they can come back tomorrow to finalize it. Instead of bombarding them with a library of skills and information, they're in control of their learning.
Encouraging the right kind of behaviour
Sometimes a business needs to be disruptive. But more often than not, it's the unsophisticated side effect of training solutions that can't differentiate between different levels of disruption. For too long we've witnessed a one-size-fits-all approach that ultimately misses the nuances of how we're naturally attuned to learn.
So to summarize:
Right kind of disruption
Interrupting employees with attending workshops is not always the best way to teach them skills. Less disruptive solutions can make employees learn and engage more with the content.
Personalized and on-demand
Bombarding employees with content in a one-day workshop will not teach them more. Bite-sized and personalized learning solutions will give control to the employee, and make learning more relevant.
Focus on the most relevant
By focusing on the most relevant, your can yield high results and empower your teams to grow while getting their most important work done.
Editor's note: This is the third of four posts explaining the thinking behind our on-demand coaching product.

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