Aug 24, 2018 - BY Ashkan Safaee

Finally, Astrid is here!

Our new product marks the culmination of a year's worth of work. We're excited to announce our new on-demand coaching tool to help businesses develop their employees more effectively.
Our new on-demand coaching product is the most significant project we've ever undertaken.
We believe the way employees train has changed. Just as individuals can access whatever skills they want to develop, the future of learning at work is built on on-demand solutions. Goodbye workshops and expensive consultants.

Our new on-demand coaching product is the most significant project we've ever undertaken. With a team working day and night for the last year, we've learned a lot. In close partnership with our wonderfully supportive clients (many of them industry leaders), we have prototyped with AI, on-demand learning, bite-sized, psychology and scalable solutions that effect transfer of learning.

Today share what we learned along the way, along with a new product release.
Existing training solutions don't take into account how people actually learn.
As consumers we've been living in the on-demand universe for years. From the way we watch shows on Netflix to how we book a taxi ride through Uber, listen to a song on Spotify or download a computer game from Steam, on-demand is all around us in every form. And increasingly so.

In a world that's on-demand, businesses are still predominantly using the traditional way of investing in training once a year using a physical workshop with a centralized curriculum, trying to guess what their employees need to learn.

Companies have distinct needs when it comes to training their employees. Most of the time, they don't want to interrupt workflows and productivity. However at the right time in just the right amount, they want to offer coaching and guidance.

Employees have distinct needs when it comes to learning too. They want to choose when and what to learn. They want learning to happen on their terms, when it suits their calendar. They increasingly care about their personal growth and how it influences their performance at work. They want meaningful interactions with people who can help them grow.

Existing solutions take a one-size-fits-all approach to training — when in fact the reality of modern work is different. That's why we decided to build Astrid.
1) Instant Access
Our chatbot Astrid is always available for a conversation with the employee, whenever they want. The employee can write to their coach around a subject they've been working on and get a response within hours. Coaching and training is always accessible for an employee seeking instant help.
2) On-demand
Sometimes employees need to work on a skill directly. Other times they need to take a moment to reflect and get mentorship from someone more experienced. All training should be delivered in bite-sized form to not interrupt employees in performing their daily tasks. To ensure transfer of learning, our coaches offer on-demand coaching calls through the app.
3) Tailored to real needs
Sometimes employees need to work on something for a while, and sometimes they want to switch track. Our curriculum can offer the employee enough training to go for a full month and switch at any point when they want to develop another strength. The coach takes an active role in helping the employee pick the skills they should work on.
4) Customizable
Companies need to customize training to make it feel more personal. We built a rich on-boarding process that enables the company to upload a video introducing the training with the company and choose what skills they want to offer their employees based on the company values they want to promote.
A future-proof training solution.
Training employees and the way we build company culture is changing faster than ever before. We firmly believe that this product release is a big step forward in that space.

One of the big goals of Astrid, our new on-demand coach, is to empower our clients to stay ahead of the curve by offering scalable and qualitative training to more people. What we're announcing today is just the start. We've been thinking a lot about themes like transfer of learning, on-demand, AI and psychology.

Keep an eye on us or try our new product at your company today. We can't wait to show you what Astrid can do!

Editor's note: This is the second of four posts explaining the thinking behind our on-demand coaching product.

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