August 23, 2018 - BY NICOLE MICHAELIS

The top 3 reasons why every founder needs a coach

Business coaching for entrepreneurs is the secret to accelerating growth and becoming successful.
A coach can offer the on-demand support founders need on their challenging journey to the top.
Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires so much more than a brilliant idea, persistence, and a great team.

Founders must be confident, fearless, and often willing to take risks. While some people may have personal traits more in line with the above than others, anyone can profit from working with an experienced coach in order to deal with the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur.
1: Holding You Accountable
Anybody with goals profits from being held accountable.. Are you setting hard deadlines? Good. Are you actually making sure you meet those deadlines and evaluating the process? Great. As an entrepreneur, if you aren't following through on your goals, you aren't making money.

This is why accountability is the main focus of entrepreneurial coaching. The coach will follow-up on your goals and make sure you assume responsibility for whatever happens on the way. This sounds simple, but can be a key-factor for your success as a founder.

When you don't have anyone checking up on you other than yourself, it's easy to make excuses. Many entrepreneurs struggle with this. It's a natural human response to challenge, especially when times are stressful. The risk for failing because of a lack of accountability is actually higher for entrepreneurs than for employees. Why? The answer is simple: when you are an employee, if you don't accomplish what it is that your employer asks you to do, you risk losing your job. For an entrepreneur, the reasoning is not that linear.

Accountability partners are an entrepreneur's secret weapon for quick, sustainable growth
Linda Galindo, author of "The 85% Solution: How Personal Accountability Guarantees Success"
2: Being Confident
Most people could use a boost in self-confidence. A report by Infusionsoft and Emergent Research found that 94 percent of small business owners surveyed identify very specific goals for their business. Yet, only 65 percent are confident that they will achieve them. That's a significant gap. Are founders lacking confidence?

As an entrepreneur, your self-belief is one of your strongest features. Long before anyone else will believe in your idea, you must believe in it. Worse even, your self-belief will be tested daily. Are you really strong enough to make it as an entrepreneur? You will ask yourself this question often, at least every time you face a challenge that you need to overcome - you'll need to learn new skills almost daily and deal with failure and fall-backs. It's tough. Entrepreneurs can get discouraged when they don't know how to do something, thinking that this is proof that they don't have what it takes. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work.

If you want to be a successful founder, you need to embrace failure and have an unshakeable belief in your ability to succeed, no matter what life throws at you. It's all about getting up again when you fall.

While confidence can be stronger or weaker depending on the circumstances, in order to achieve business success, you need to constantly work on your confidence. A coach can help you with this. She can actively boost your confidence and ensure you create the space you need to develop your own self-belief. Even the toughest ones of us know, getting a confidence boost can make a great impact on how we approach work, our energy levels, and potential success.

Coaches are skilled in helping you visualize what's possible for you to achieve. They can support you to leave your comfort zone and help you deal with failure.
3: Getting Results
Are you getting the results you intended to get? Most entrepreneurs start out with a clear vision for their business that drastically changes as they embark on their journey. It's good to be agile, but sometimes founders get sidetracked and stray too far from their objective goals. This can lead to trouble achieving the desired and often necessary ROI.

Keeping a cool head and looking at your business from a neutral perspective is vital in order to become successful. But, being humans, we sometimes get too emotional. That's when a coach can help us find the right path.

A skilled coach can help remove the setbacks that are preventing us from achieving the results that we desire. She can point out when we're too emotional to make the best decision and help us deal with negative feelings that may arise such as guilt or shame.

Your business can't survive without results. A coach can ensure you achieve them.
I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.
Bob Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot
Business coaching for entrepreneurs is the secret to accelerating success. It not only takes a lot of the stress out of entrepreneurship, but helps founders develop a business-mindset without undermining their very necessary confidence.

A coach can help entrepreneurs with many of their greatest challenges, the three most important ones being accountability, maintaining confidence, and achieving results.

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