Sept 5, 2018 - BY Ashkan Safaee

Training in real-time

The first generation of corporate training was deeply inefficient. It enabled one-size fits all solutions that cost a lot and
reached few people.
At Everyday, we're trying to change that. We want to make training fun, rewarding, and accessible to more people in the company, not just a lucky few.
At Everyday, we're trying to change that. We want to make training fun, rewarding, and accessible to more people in the company, not just a lucky few.

A scalable solution that grows with you
Regardless if you're 50 people operating from one office, or 5000 in 10 different time zones, Our aim is to serve everyone in the company with the right skills to grow as leaders, and essentially humans. We believe that the best experiences are personal.

That's why Astrid is optimized to offer everyone an experience tailored to their needs.
When a vast library isn't enough
Most learning solutions struggle to create engagement in a vast library of skills, and thus miss their main objective: to help individuals develop.

When we researched and tested our product, we learned that having the right kind of mentoring and the right amount of information to practice with, led to a high transfer of learning into real life experiences. All our activities are designed to be implemented in the real world directly.
When not to rely on technology alone
Instructor-led learning and mentoring are still a strong facilitator of knowledge. But most of our clients dread the amount of administration to get people to sign up, show up, and hopefully have the right curriculum for them.

To create a solution that works at scale and can still achieve a high transfer of learning, we designed a product with both mentoring and coaching at its core. Our coaches have more than 10 years of experience, and offer on-demand support, whenever and wherever the user feels the timing is right.
When not to rely on coaching alone
We've all been in workshops or settings that feel exciting. "This is amazing! I'm going to change a bunch of things when I come home! I'll start giving more feedback to colleagues, start working out, be a better mom or a wiser husband".

But reality catches up with us and the components that create behavioural change are not in place. Our product supports small incremental behaviour change through bite-sized learning and activities the user can put into practice.
A future-facing training solution.
Years of experience from building Everyday has taught us that once those ingredients are in place, people will do the necessary work and grow as humans and as leaders. With our new product, we're betting big on real-time learning.

Editor's note: This is the second of four posts explaining the thinking behind our on-demand coaching product.

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At Everyday, we believe in giving everyone the opportunity to grow and positively impact the teams and organizations they work for.
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