It all started in a small café in Södermalm, Stockholm.

Once a week we would gather entrepreneurs and young urban professionals to talk about matters related to work and life. We were inspired by initiatives such as the School of Life in London, the Burning Man festival in the US and the Perestroika in Brazil.

Our founding question was "How can we make people thrive and not just survive?". We wanted to create something truly shared, where we were all equals. Where every participant would be part of contributing with their knowledge and wisdom to the benefit of everyone else.

Our founding document was a manifesto with five principles that supported our vision and helped people feel safe to say the truth of what was really on their mind.

Everyday School became an unexpected success, very unlike the ones we had experienced previously. Every Wednesday for a year we would have a two hour class on a topic such as relationships, work, meaning, leadership and success.

Every week we would have people showing up from all over Stockholm, bringing their friends, partners, dates and coworkers to join what they called "an Everyday class" or an "unexpected experience". People would tell us things like "I have never been listened to that way before" or "I feel safe to share things that I wouldn't even share with my partner at home".

In a way, we became the campfire of the city, and a community of people who developed a shared identity and purpose around discovering all the different corners of the human experience.

While we are no longer hosting classes open to the public, Everyday School lives on through the work of Everyday.

The same values are embedded in our DNA as we support fast-growing companies to scale their culture.

The safe spaces that became the hallmark of our classes are the same ones that make people feel seen and heard in our trainings.

The soft skills that were taught in our workshops are the same ones that we help leaders embody in the workplace.

As we continue to grow together with businesses, our mission to help people to thrive and not just survive becomes stronger than ever.

Principles for safe spaces

The Everyday School manifesto continues to inspire hundreds of safe spaces all around the world.
Whoever shows up is the right person.
Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.
Everyone has something to contribute with.
Meet people where they are.
Contribute with your presence.
Meet the new Everyday.
The same people and mission, fully focused on supporting fast-growing companies to scale leadership and culture.