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Stay focused :rocket:

Meet Astrid, the AI-powered productivity coach that helps you stay focused throughout the workday.
Discover your productivity patterns :bulb:
Understand when and where you are most productive and how to best design your workday to achieve peak performance.
Time blocker :clock1:
Astrid helps you schedule deep work for the most demanding tasks so that you can achieve more in less time.
Clear away distractions :imp:
Get rid of distractions in real-time before they break your deadlines. Astrid will notify you when you are losing focus and help you get back on track.
Reach your goals :heavy_check_mark:
Astrid holds you accountable to your daily goals so that you can achieve the great things you are destined to do.
Reflection reminder :thought_balloon:
With the help of modern psychology, Astrid will empower you to learn from your experience and keep improving your skills to focus.
The perfect workday :coffee:
Astrid gives you focus-as-a-service so that you can do the meaningful work that matters.
One big thing
A single focus, every day.
Focus notifications
Get notifications when you are losing focus and help to get back on track.
Peak producitivy scheduling
Optimize how you spend your calendar time for peak productivity.
Daily reflection
Learn from experience and improve your attention management skills.
Focus reports
Smart reports to help you identify time thieves and sources of distraction.
Focus coaching
Increase your attention span and stick to your promises.
A more fulfilling workday awaits.
Get started and find out what you can accomplish
with Astrid at your side.
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