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Great work Peter, your team loves you :thumbsup:

Meet Astrid, the AI-powered coach for managers and team leaders..
Coach team members :clap:
Astrid helps you run productive 1-on-1 meetings where you can coach, mentor and support each team member to grow.
Set development goals :dart:
Astrid makes it easy to track each team member's development goals and to create a plan with actionable steps for how to reach them.
Get regular feedback :mega:
Astrid's lightweight feedback mechanism helps you understand how your team experiences you as a manager and the steps you can take to improve.
Learn from the best :mortar_board:
Astrid connects you to a network of mentors within your company and provides 24/7 access to a Certified Leadership Coach to navigate challenges, solve tough situations and accelerate your learning.
Be a great manager :muscle:
Astrid integrates microtraining as a part of your daily routine to build key management skills at just the right pace.
What is Astrid?
A brief introduction video
No sweat Peter, I've got your back :sweat_smile:
Astrid takes care of everything you need to coach and develop your team.
Manager Onboarding
Astrid helps you transition into the role of a manager and start creating habits to become a great leader.
1-on-1 Meetings
Astrid makes space in your calendar for open-ended conversations with each team member.
Shared Agendas
Astrid enables you to collaborate on the talking points of the agenda to make sure you spend your time wisely.
Company Mentors
Astrid connects you to a network of mentors within in your company to accelerate your learning.
Certified Leadership Coach
Astrid gives you access to a Certified Leadership Coach to get expert help in tough and challenging situations.
Feedback Pulses
Astrid provides feedback pulse after each 1-on-1 to help you understand how you perform as a manager.
Contextual Microtraining
Astrid provides microtraining based on your current context to build your skills as a manager.
Daily Reminders
Astrid automatically reminds you about important dates, such as 1-on-1 meetings with your team members.
Slack Integration
Astrid is available as a Slack chatbot to make it easy to manage your team daily at work.
I :heart: Slack, I really do.
Astrid is the first-ever realtime leadership development tool for managers.
Bye for now Peter, see you soon :wave:
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