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How would you imagine a world where people thrive and not just survive?

Four years ago when we established the first building blocks of Everyday, we asked ourselves that same question. We had been busy making it in the business world — from technology startups to corporate settings — experiencing different facets of what it means to work, achieve, strive, perfect, and never have enough.

On the surface every context looked different, but the underlying message was always the same. We've built a business world in which people survive — but not necessarily thrive. We saw it everywhere around us: in our coworkers and friends, in our clients and partners, in our fellow entrepreneurs, and never the least, in ourselves. We were busy, but were we happy? What is the purpose of running, if we don't even know where we're heading?
Today the world is different.
Technology is changing everything, literally speaking. Reports say that robots will now take 800 million jobs by 2030. That's about 60% of all jobs worldwide. In this rapidly shifting professional landscape, there is a growing consensus that we quickly need to develop our socioemotional skills to continue to stand above our automated friends. From leading scientists to politicians to entrepreneurs from all corners of the world, the message is loud and clear: we need to change the way we work.

What four years ago began as an isolated idea has become a movement. A movement of companies, individuals, NGOs and even entire nations to co-create a more sustainable future — and shape a society in which people have the potential to thrive and not just survive.

At Everyday, we are supported by a rising number of business leaders who understand the meaning of well-being and investing in happy and healthy employees. We are met by forward-thinking managers from across industries and backgrounds who realize the need of making a shift to become more agile, entrepreneurial, innovative, and resilient towards change. We salute every opportunity we get to equip people with these skills and to give them tools to create value that machines can't recreate.
Everyone has the ability to lead.
By training people to be more self-aware, empathic, and resilient we believe we can all thrive in today's and tomorrow's context. We believe that all people have the inherent ability to lead and that we need to step forward into leadership roles to support ourselves, the people around us and the organizations we work for, through change. We're committed to our purpose of training as many people as possible in the skills of emotional intelligence and to keep investing into the cause of preparing people to navigate in an unexplored future.

As we equip people with the skills for tomorrow already today – we are investing in a future where all people are empowered to thrive.
Per and Ashkan
Founders of Everyday
Our principles.
We have summarized our beliefs in our three core principles that run through all the work we do.
Everyone is a leader.
All people have the inherent ability to lead and increasingly need to do so.
Leadership happens every day.
It's not a one-off thing that we train, it's a muscle that we need to flex daily.
Leading with emotional intelligence can change the world.
The world will be a better place when we care for people and planet, alongside profit.
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