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AStrid for Blinkist
Hi Blinker! ????
Working from home is way better with a productivity app, which helps you create a distraction-free environment and get things done.

As an employee at Blinkist, you have exclusive and early access to our product.

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An improved workflow for Trello and Asana :bulb:
Trello and Asana are packed with features to organize your tasks and projects. But when it comes to getting things done without being sidetracked, something is missing. That's why we built Astrid.
Get in the zone :dart:
Say hello to your daily morning routine.
Set a focus
Give yourself a flying start by setting a focus and picking your most prioritized tasks for the day.
Dedicate time
Time block your day to make sure you have enough time.
Stay in the zone :sunglasses:
Eliminate distractions and spend more time in a flow state.
Block distractions
Automatically toggle notifications to block distractions and noise.
Tick the box
Complete your Trello cards and Asana todos without even leaving the app you're working in.
Celebrate often :confetti_ball:
Make every victory count.
Digest your day
Take a moment to appreciate all the fantastic things you have accomplished at the end of each day.
Learn by experience
Track your app and website activity and get data-driven insights on when and where you are most productive.
Best of both worlds.
Astrid complements your existing workflow in Asana and Trello with a native desktop app for macOS and Windows that is instantly accessible and blazing fast.
A happier workday :heart:
Astrid gives you freedom to do what you love.