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Work is messy
Astrid helps you become more productive, less distracted,
and get more meaningful work done.
In demand by productivity professionals at leading global brands
Distraction-free productivity :bulb:
With Astrid, you can create a space for every focus, customize with apps, websites, and distraction blocking, and manage all your todos right from your desktop.

Finally, a plugin to supercharge your macOS desktop!
No more death by tabs
Don't start your day with gazillion tabs and apps open, wondering where you left off.

With Astrid you can group related tabs, apps, and websites so that you have one focus at a time. Customize each space with distraction blocking, music, and more.
Manage all your todos right from your desktop
Getting sucked in every time you want to check what's on your plate?

With Astrid, you can get an overview of your most important Trello and Asana tasks, and manage and complete all your tasks (using short commands) right in your desktop without even leaving the app you're working in.
Automate time tracking of tasks, apps, projects
Wondering where all your time goes?

With Astrid, you get automated time tracking on tasks, apps, and projects so that you always know you're spending time on things that matter.
Distraction blocking
Easily distracted?

Customize each space for focus with distraction blocking, music, and more.
Get powerful productivity insights
Want to improve your productivity?

Astrid provides you with productivity insights, such as time spent in deep work, meetings, and more.
Slack updates
Manage expectations by letting your colleagues know you're in focus mode.

With Astrid, you'll have your own line of defence that communicates what you're working on so that your team knows you're unavailable for the moment. Want too be a little more secretive? No problem, you can customize what type for information that's passed on.
Supercharge your desktop
Astrid brings distraction-free productivity to your macOS desktop with a native desktop app that's instantly accessible and blazing fast.
A happier workday :heart:
Astrid gives you freedom to do what you love.