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Organize your work
Get rid of your browser tab chaos by creating thoughtfully designed, perfectly organized workspaces for all your web apps on macOS.
In demand by professionals at leading Technology companies
The browser was built for browsing, not for work. Astrid takes all your work-related browser tabs and apps and organizes them into productive workspaces to focus on getting things done rather than being busy looking for where to start.
Organize tabs, apps, and docs into productive workspaces.
Arrange tabs, instantly launch apps, and manage todos - right from your desktop.
A workspace for every project
Instantly launch a workspace with all the apps you need, organized in one place.
Put web-apps right in your dock
Enjoy the accessibility of all your web-apps right in your Mac desktop.
Safeguard your attention
Stay focused by automatically activating do not disturb mode, updating your Slack status, and have a first line of defence against internet's distractions.
Track everything
Discover new productivity patterns by seeing daily and weekly time spent on all your tasks, apps, and projects.
Tame the chaos.

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Focus by design :heart:
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