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What is Astrid?
Astrid is a realtime coaching and training tool for iOS and Android. It's designed to support businesses of all sizes, from small teams to large enterprises.
What are the benefits of training with Astrid?
As an individual employee, Astrid empowers you to improve your performance, be happier and healthier and bring your best self to work.

As a business, Astrid empowers you to create a culture for growth where each individual employee actively contributes to the success of the company.
What is on-demand coaching?
On-demand coaching means making the right type of coaching accessible, at the right time, to the right person. It's a new way to think about coaching that fits the agile workplace.
Do you provide regular physical coaching?
Yes, we do! Astrid combines digital coaching using a chatbot with physical coaching using experienced, human coaches.
Can you customize the training for us?
Of course! Most of our clients run on a custom curriculum based on their company values or some other core principles they want to promote. You can learn more here
Can I use Astrid to onboard new employees?
Yes, of course! Astrid is a wonderful tool to support the onboarding of new employees by giving them hands-on training and support from the get go.
I run a small business. Can Astrid help me?
Sure we can! Just send us an email and we'll find a way to get you on board with a pilot.
Who are your coaches?
Astrid works with the best coaches in the industry. Our coaches are senior executives, serial entrepreneurs, professional athletes and long-time managers who have years of hands-on experience from working closely with clients.
How is Astrid different from a regular training?
Businesses are still predominantly using the traditional way of investing in training once a year using a physical workshop with a centralized curriculum, trying to guess what their employees need to learn. Research shows that 70% of what we learn in a traditional workshop is forgotten after 5 days, and that much of the content is irrelevant for employees in the first place.

Astrid is different since we take a demand-based approach to training. Every individual employee has access to a curriculum of strengths and can self-cater to meet needs instantly when they arise. Training and support is provided by a digital chatbot and experienced, physical coaches.
How much time does training with Astrid take?
The average user spends a few minutes a day on Astrid. Some people spend less. Some people spend more.

We've designed Astrid to fit the busy schedules of working professional who only have brief windows here and there to invest in training and personal growth.
Do we own our data?
As a company, you own your data generated from the Astrid platform. At any time, you may request an export or deletion of your data.

We anonymize the data we keep and use it to distinguish usage patterns that help us improve Astrid.
Do you follow GDPR?
Astrid is GDPR-ready and designed to fulfil your obligations as a GDPR-friendly business.

We have GDPR policies in place regulating the use and processing of personal details. And we give each individual full control over their own data and the ability to delete it at any time.
Astrid grows with you.
We've designed Astrid to scale together with your company and make personal development accessible to everyone.