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Stay focused :rocket:

Meet Astrid, the AI-powered coach that eliminates distractions and helps you focus on deep, meaningful work.
Goodbye multitasking :dart:
Astrid uses AI to automatically cut through the noise of todo lists, inboxes and instant messages to identify your one big thing to focus on every day.
Meeting planner :speech_balloon:
Astrid automatically sets agendas and talking points in advance so that you never have to enter a meeting unprepared again.
Action recorder :heavy_check_mark:
Astrid records action items after each meeting and automatically saves them to your favorite task management system.
Time blocker :clock1:
Astrid automatically organizes your workday by optimizing when to do what based on what science has told us about peak productivity.
Distraction killer :imp:
Astrid checks in to make sure you are spending time on the right things by identifying common time thieves and sources of distraction.
Reflection reminder :thought_balloon:
Astrid creates a structured space for reflection allowing you to learn from your experience and keep improving your skills to focus.
The perfect workday :coffee:
Astrid gives you focus-as-a-service so that you can do the meaningful work that matters.
Morning focus
A single focus, every day.
Shared agendas
Co-create agendas in advance so that meetings are always on point.
Priority-based scheduling
Optimize how you spend your calendar time for peak productivity.
Evening reflection
Learn from experience and improve your attention management skills.
Focus reports
Smart reports to help you identify time thieves and sources of distraction.
Focus coaching
Increase your attention span and stick to your promises.
Attention is our greatest asset.
The human brain is not built for multitasking. Astrid is on a mission to redesign the way we work for the next billion.