Put your values into action.
Customize the curriculum of Astrid to promote the company culture you want.
Operationalize values
Engage with your company values in a step-by-step training program.
One activity at a time
Each step contains bite-sized activities that can be completed anytime during the working day.
Live feedback
Live progress reports and visual feedback keeps engagement high.
Astrid is our smart AI-powered chatbot and your digital coach in the training.
Activate desired behaviors.
Once you've set your company values, use Astrid to bring them to action every day at work.
Define company values
Make sure you have your values clearly defined. It might be helpful to work with a facilitator or culture specialist to break them down into desired traits and behaviors you would like to see in the workplace.
Measure engagement
Quantify your culture and to what degree people embody your values in their day-to-day activities at work. You may want to use a tool that measures employee engagement across different factors.
Customize Astrid
Tailor the curriculum of Astrid based on the insights you receive from measuring your values. Empower your team with coaching and training designed specifically to bring your company values to action.
Bridge the culture gap.
According to Gallup study on US companies in 2016, few employees believe in their company values.
Believe in company values
Apply values to daily work
PwC: Values in action.
Astrid is supporting PwC to bring life to their company values with a customized on-demand coaching program.
Astrid tailored to you.
We're ready to customize Astrid to your company values and help you achieve the culture you want.